Nature’s Studio

We are surrounded by farm animals on all sides of our property. A short walk down the street is a farm that we like to visit and open land the children call “Bone Hill”. This year we found an entire coyote skeleton that has become a yearlong investigation. The children have become incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy, bones, life and death with animals as one does when living in the country. These are the foundations for the explorations and creations over the year using the many ‘languages’ of children.

The children projected the coyote bones onto large color paper used for our Fall color studies. The paper cutouts aligned with our Matisse inspired work this year creating our paper cutout coyote skeleton. They also used the bones on their body portraits to understand how their bodies were inside and what kept their bodies strong. Their body portraits then became shadow puppets inspired by our Indonesian paper shadow puppet. Other tentacles of the project emerged including the investigation of the heart from a parent who works with hearts, and creative song writing about the coyote and other small animals we encountered and lovingly buried in the back of our garden.