Art Studio

A bright space for children to engage in ideas, problem solving and possibilities.

Where imaginations and ideas deepen through work with clay, drawing, paint, oil pastels, wire, feathers, rocks, fabric, bark, wood, branches, light and shadow.

Where the process of selecting new and recycle materials build awareness of shape, size, color and texture.

The ateliers are a focal point introducing famous artists for inspirations on technique, materials, self and the world:

Henri Matisse’s colorful paper cutouts

Henri Matisse’s colorful paper cutouts

Georgia O’Keefe’s soft earth and flower visions

Andy Goldsworthy’s magical nature designs

Louise Nevelson’s monocolor wood constructions

Jim Dine’s playful hearts

Frida Kahlo’s reflective self-portraiture

Alexander Calder’s moving mobiles and 3D constructions

Time is the key. We make time to observe, collaborate and reflect on projects, set aside and come back to re-engage with the work at deeper levels that promote critical and creative thinking. Throughout our school, what children see and what they know is made visible through the use of symbols, visuals and the written word.