Our Program

Arts in the Garden is magical. The teachers are positive, gentle, intuitive and compassionate with the children.

The environment is welcoming and beautiful with creative activities and explorations tucked behind every corner.

My son has blossomed this past year attending Arts in the Garden and is beyond ready for kindergarten.

As soon as I walked into Arts in the Garden I thought, this is where my children belong.


Woven within daily routines children explore thought provoking materials, activities and life skills learning. Our spaces include dedicated art studio and music and movement studios, a cozy playroom and loft, olive and fig trees, vegetable garden, sand and gravel pits and redwood hammock grove. We are surrounded by farm animals friends who we visit and listen to all day long. Our spaces are thoughtfully prepared to create a sense of warmth and magic with engaging materials that encourage individual and collaborative learning, critical and creative thinking, and promote children’s natural sense of wonder.