“I am touched and impressed by the way Arts in the Garden meets the children ~and adults! ~ as individuals and part of the fabric of a community. This is a beautiful school, and our daughter has spent many engaged, happy, silly, and peaceful hours here.” ~ Antonia, parent to Anja 


Natural Environment

Our beautiful outdoor environment is a focal point with a large garden for exploring, discovering,

running, hammering, gardening, water and sand playing, gathering in the redwood grove,

creating imaginative play through pathways to magical spaces under olive and fig trees,

dancing on a stage, playing in a boat, sliding down a slide, or standing tall on a ‘mountain’

and looking out over the horses, chickens, sheep and hills. We believe in caring for the earth

and learning responsible ways to tend to the land we live on.


We work closely with children where they are as individuals to negotiate challenges

and create safe boundaries using an attachment teaching approach.

With backgrounds and training in theory, psychology and frameworks we are

able to focus on children’s social and emotional domains —

the most critical factors found in brain development research over the past 20 years.

Health and Safety

We care for children as we care for ourselves by providing healthy snacks and using

organic products as much as possible. We are trained in health and safety

and emergency preparedness and have the necessary safety features

at our school while always working on improvements.

Engaging Materials

Our collection of beautiful toys and materials are made from natural materials

as much as possible. We are guided by our experiences and training about high quality education

and developmental appropriateness of materials. At the same time we believe strongly

in the use of a wide range of real tools and recycled materials and objects

that encourage discovery and creative problem solving.


We encourage children’s ideas and fantasy with imaginative storytelling,

written words and role plays. We also invite children to engage in words and symbols

with interesting materials, tools and observational drawings to strengthen their early literacy skills.

We have a rich library of developmentally appropriate books for young children

as well as a large library of educational publications.


We value the beautiful diversity in our extended family and community and do our best

to reflect and respect differences with the materials, experiences,

music and language we share with the  children.


We seek to build relationships and broaden the experiences for children and adults

at our school by engaging in the enormous resources around us.

We value open dialog and the exchange of ideas among children, parents and teachers.