Amy Rosenbaum, owner and director of Arts in the Garden, works in collaboration with a talented group of educators who bring a wide array of enriched learning experiences to children. We are proud to offer a 1:4 ratio of teachers to children that is unique in most school settings. All the teachers have been selected with skills in early childhood education and specialty areas that blend with the philosophy and values of our school community. These include backgrounds in the arts, yoga, nature-based education, storytelling, music, creative movement and more. Amy also offers individual and group parent support to further our home/school connection.  


Amy Rose, (as she is called), has over 30 years of experience developing and directing creative departments and programs in both corporate and nonprofit community-based organizations. She has a masters degree in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a certified Arts Integration Specialist studying the Harvard Project Zero frameworks and has studied the Reggio Approach close to 20 years. Her depth of study includes study tours in Reggio Emilia, Italy and New Zealand. She is a Licensed Child Care Provider with credentials in Early Childhood Education, Supervision and Administration.

Amy holds a bachelors degree in journalism and photography from Boston University, is a participant in Bay Area workgroups on Arts Integration in the schools and has been a presenter at conferences and workshops about the Reggio Approach and Arts Integration. She has directed programs in child care centers, community programs for Latino and Asian immigrant families, alternative high school child development classes and college training program for international and multi-generational child care providers. She has been involved in the arts all her life with a multicultural perspective through the visual arts, music and dance. In her early career she was as a graphic designer, photographer, art director, multimedia producer, senior marketing communications specialist, educational researcher, consultant and education program designer and director.

Arts in the Garden was built in 2012 around a passion for incorporating the arts across the curriculum, in-depth discovery learning, enhancements to children’s magical thinking and the respect for play in the development of young children. We invite you to join us!